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The head of United Microwave Laboratory
Prof. Andrey B. Kozyrev

Andrey B. Kozyrev received the Diploma of electronic engineer in 1968, Ph.D Degree in 1974 and the Doctor of Sc. Degree (Engineering) in 1989. All from St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University. Since 1990 he is a full professor of the Department of Electronics and the head of the Microwave Cryoelectronic Laboratory. Last twenty five years his general research interests have been in field of microwave electronics. The main direction of his researching work is microwave properties of ferroelectrics, low- and high-Tc superconductors, design and realization of the fast acting microwave controlling (phase shifters, tunable filters, etc) and protective devices. He has more than 190 publications in International and Russian Scientific journals and more than 20 patents in Russia and abroad. Under his direct leadership 24 contracts with leading industrial Russian enterprises has been realized. He is a leader of a set of grants supported by Russian Academy of Science combining the efforts of Industrial and Academic Institutions. In 1994 he was granted as "Soros Professors" in a frame of International Science and Education program. 1995-97 he is a Principle Investigator of the USIC program contracts between Sandia National Laboratories (USA) and Electrotechnical University, from 1997 up to now he is Principle Investigator of six US Government (DOE) grants. He was awarded Microwave Year Prize at 27th European Microwave Conference (Jerusalem, 1997); together with his colleagues from NREL (USA) and Paratek Microwave Inc. (USA) win a 2001 R&D 100 Award for technology of Electronically Scanning Antenna, which have been included in the list of 100 best technical-science works of USA in 2001 year.

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